Rua Carlos Sampaio, 304
Conjunto 32 – Bela Vista
CEP 01333-020 – São Paulo
55 (11) 3251-1233

Rua Carlos Sampaio, 304 Conjunto 32
Bela Vista  / São Paulo  CEP 01333-020

Tel. 55 (11) 3251-1233

Consulting & Training


In times of tough competition, your company must clearly define its aims, implement the right management tools and align its people to the chosen strategy.

Oliveira Campos Consulting conducts an accurate diagnosis of the difficulties your company experiences and, in conjunction with the key people in the organization, develops the solutions it requires to be successful – today and in the future.

Oliveira Campos Consulting relies on several consolidated consulting and training methodologies, based on which the projects are formulated. These ensure more targeted and transparent execution.


 The training programs hosted by Oliveira Campos Consulting are always conceived to generate changes in participants’ way of thinking and acting. This is why they generate effective results.

Our work is grounded in countless studies and much experience. Its methodological assumption is andragogy (pedagogy for adults). Under this concept, every dynamic (games, cases etc) and content of the training program is centered on the difficulties faced by participants, taking their experiences as the starting point toward the development of new patterns of behavior.

 All the programs can be held using an open or in-company format. The list that follows refers to some of the contents most frequently requested by our clients. Other training programs may be developed to suit your company’s needs.


A Oliveira Campos contribui decisivamente para definir e implementar as estratégias corporativas, criando sinergia entre as pessoas e gerando desenvolvimento sustentável para a organização. Desde seu início a Oliveira Campos orientou-se por uma visão sistêmica das organizações, oferecendo soluções consistentes para os problemas e fugindo das intervenções milagrosas que frequentemente são ofertadas no mercado corporativo. Saiba mais…



Rua Carlos Sampaio, 304 – Conjunto 32
Bela Vista – CEP 01333-020 – SP
Tel.  55 (11) 3251-1233

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