Rua Carlos Sampaio, 304
Conjunto 32 – Bela Vista
CEP 01333-020 – São Paulo
55 (11) 3251-1233

Rua Carlos Sampaio, 304 Conjunto 32
Bela Vista  / São Paulo  CEP 01333-020

Tel. 55 (11) 3251-1233

Coaching & Careers

In the current business setting, organizations need professionals capable of understanding complex situations, making decisions with swiftness and consistency, and engaging all team members in the search for results.

This is certainly not a simple challenge. Beyond traditional technical competences, it requires executives to possess a differentiated capacity to analyze scenarios, relate well with other team members and self-observe.

Coaching processes conducted by Oliveira Campos Consulting aim to enhance participants’ perception of their ways of thinking, feeling and acting that limit their personal effectiveness. This has a decisive impact on the attainment of objectives, whether of the individual, organization or society, and generates effective results in terms of:

•   increasing productivity and the capacity for personal accomplishment;
•   developing the leadership competence;
•   developing more satisfactory relationships; and
•   having a broader business outlook, leading to a better use of opportunities.

Each project is supported by innovative assessment methodologies that generate an accurate diagnosis of the points that need improving, guide the work going forward and make every action transparent to all involved (participant, immediate superior, human resource management etc).


A Oliveira Campos contribui decisivamente para definir e implementar as estratégias corporativas, criando sinergia entre as pessoas e gerando desenvolvimento sustentável para a organização. Desde seu início a Oliveira Campos orientou-se por uma visão sistêmica das organizações, oferecendo soluções consistentes para os problemas e fugindo das intervenções milagrosas que frequentemente são ofertadas no mercado corporativo. Saiba mais…



Rua Carlos Sampaio, 304 – Conjunto 32
Bela Vista – CEP 01333-020 – SP
Tel.  55 (11) 3251-1233

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